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ActivInspire Studio Help

All links below are for videos at Atomic Learning. You’ll need a login to access! Let me know if you have issues!

ActiveInspire Quick Tips
You can make an endless supply of manipulatives very quickly by using the “Drag a Copy” feature. Select an object and go to the “Property Browser.” Scroll down to the “Miscellaneous” section and turn “Drag a Copy” to “True.”
external image drag%20a%20copy.png
When you hover over the image, you will now see a hand and green plus sign which shows you can drag a copy.
external image drag%20a%20copy%20penny.png
ActiveInspire Quick Tips – Page Zoom
If you haven’t tried this, take 1 minute and try it out. Go to View and choose Page Zoom. (Or use Control + Shift + Z) Click on an area on your flipchart page with an image and hold. It will zoom in!
external image zoom.png